VEGA REGISTER Inc., is a company dedicated to assist marine operators and ship owners in their daily practice.

We can handle a variety of matters with Maritime Authorities. All processes regarding statutory certification, assistance on Port State Control inspections.

VGRS can also liaise for the obtainment of authorizations, exemptions, and other certificates related to technical aspects.

The services offered by our organization are as follows:

  • Statutory survey and certification of vessels and offshore installations at sea under IMO Regulations
  • Survey and certification of vessel for non-convention vessels.
  • Elaboration, review, evaluation and approval of plans, manuals, booklets and technical documents.
  • Audit of vessels and companies according to the international Safety Management Code (lSM Code).
  • Audit of vessels according to the international Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)
  • Consultancy and maritime technical assistance on any other maritime activities such as Condition Surveys, Pre-Purchase surveys, appraisal surveys, etc.

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